Volunteer Services

Beyond donations or housing, you can help in these ways:

  • One-time volunteer opportunities
  • Sustained volunteering in a particular role
  • Provide ongoing mentoring with families


  • Moving Assistance: Strong people who can lift/carry up to 75 lbs. are needed to move furniture & goods into apartments as well as move furniture from storage and donor homes.
  • Apartment Cleaning: All apartments must receive a thorough cleaning in order to house new arrivals.
  • Apartment Set Up: Individuals are needed to get apartments fully set up for new arrivals.
  • Inspection of Apartments: Individuals are needed to work with staff to inspect all offered apartments/housing units to ensure they are adequate and safe to place refugees.
  • Grocery Shopping: Shoppers are needed for obtaining basic food needs & supplies for the first week of arrival and beyond.
  • Culturally Appropriate Hot Meals: Individuals are needed to cook meals and/or pick-up meals to deliver to family or agency. Meals are needed for each new arrival, and to be available at the time of pick-up.


Mentor a Family – Provide Assistance in the Community

  • Take family grocery shopping for food; search for places to get foods they like; show them how to compare foods and prices
  • Take family to laundromat and instruct them in clothes washing
  • Instruct families in recycling and garbage disposal (what goes where), and cleaning their home to acceptable standards
  • Bring families to community places such as library, park, festivals, farmer’s markets, etc.
  • Provide extra instruction about using public transportation & getting around
  • Help families with the process of paying utility and other bills; teach families how to pay bills
  • Provide transportation to and from appointments
  • Assist individuals with getting driver's license or state ID card
  • Provide information about banking and financial literacy
  • Help a family with their permanent apartment search by assisting with navigating online lists, visiting apartments, talking to landlords, etc.

Dorcas International Institute of Rhode Island is organizing the volunteer work for Afghan Relief RI. Please go to Volunteer Registration (volunteermatters.org) to register as a volunteer.
If there are any questions, please reach out to us at diirivolunteerservices@diiri.org.